Wellness Workshops New YorkMany of the aches, pains, and stress we feel are brought on by the demands of our daily lives and too often we turn to painkillers or pharmaceuticals to relief. I’m trained to help you alleviate those symptoms naturally through greater awareness of things in your day to day life that lead to physical or emotional strain and without drugs or supplements. You’ll feel more alert, more productive, and more at ease.

Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a psycho-physical, re-educational method with a proven 100 year track record. It teaches us how to make decisions about thinking and moving that lead to health and well being. More information»

Workshops & Talks

Alexander Technique: Better Balance, Better Performance
Alexander Technique for Riders: Improving the human/horse connection
Alexander Technique for Pain Management
Stress Reduction through Music
Sing Out! Reach Out!: An Introduction to Using Music for Health
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Stretch Classes

A low impact stretching class that builds strength and maintains muscle and flexibility while alleviating stress.
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  • Alexander Technique Teacher M.AmSAT
  • Stretch Therapy Training. Kit Laughlin
  • Raymond Dart, Spirals and Developmental work
  • Diamond Physical Procedures

Stress and body ache can happen if:

You Spend
All Day On
Your Feet

You Spend
All Day At A

You Carry/
Your Child

You Use
Your Voice
For Work

Your Days Are

You Want
More Public

Your Body Is
Getting Older

You Have
An Injury