Music Outreach Verbank, Ny


The Sing-Play approach

The Sing-Play approach was developed so that people of all ages can keep their love of music while mastering an instrument. It’s a process where we:

  • Listen to music
  • Sing what we hear
  • Learn to translate what we hear to our instrument

Sing-Play will enhance your creativity, develop your memory while you learn to play/sing all your favorite songs.

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Sing-Play for Children

A safe, nurturing environment where children can freely express their love of music through singing, movement, and percussion. Sing-Play Classes help children learn:

  • Memory
  • Listening skills
  • Physical coordination
  • Rhythm
  • Following directions

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Judith offers one-on-one instruction and uses the Sing-Play approach for all her students, including those with disabilities. 

Her teaching is informed by her training as a teacher of the Alexander Technique, and she helps her students by educating them in breathing and good postural practices, including how to hold your instrument, sit on a piano bench or stand at your natural height.

Instruction in:

  • Piano
  • Sax
  • Clarinet
  • Voice

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Music Outreach

We are all hard wired to make music. It is the natural impulse of the mother to sing to the child to sooth it, make it feel better, not to think about Carnegie Hall, America has got talent or am I singing in tune. It is the lullaby. We activate this impulse every time we go and sing with, not to, the seniors at a nursing home, or assisted living facility. This is about making them feel better, not about us getting a top score in a competition. 

Outreach programs take place in senior and assisted living facilities, where your music will awaken a profound joy, a sense of well-being for you and for others that will have you wanting to come back week after week. And like magic, week after week, your music – and your well-being – will grow.

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I have never improved so consistently and rapidly with any other teacher, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.
MM (age 16) private clarinet student

Yesterday my daughter heard a song on the radio and asked for my phone. Minutes later she was playing the song on the piano’s phone. I asked, “Judith taught you?’ and she said, “I just figured it out.” It was the coolest think to see her hear and get the notes.
SP (age 12) Private piano student