Help Yourself by Learning Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique (AT) is a unique self-help approach that enables people to do things with more ease and freedom – from sitting in front of a computer or texting to playing the guitar or dancing. Regular practice can help the learner recognize and prevent poor postural habits that can lead to overexertion, underperformance, and pain.

Although the Alexander Technique is not a therapy per se, pupils may notice improvements in their overall health and well-being. Alexander Technique helps us to change our habitual ways of moving and holding ourselves, and because these habits unconsciously condition how we feel and function in daily life, Alexander Technique’s benefits are deep and pervasive. Over the course of their AT lessons, many people achieve a greater sense of serenity, lightness, relaxation, and alertness than they have ever experienced before.

Unlike treatments or exercises, the Alexander Technique teaches people to gradually improve the way they look after themselves in all their waking hours – both at rest and in movement. As healthy postural support and an overall sense of focus and calm become more established, AT learners are more able to let go of tension and unproductive effort they may previously have been unaware of. Through the Alexander Technique, the pupil becomes more autonomous, able to use new strategies to do things with greater ease, and often, greater enjoyment.

Developed by actor F.M. Alexander over a hundred years ago, the Alexander Technique has helped many thousands of people make the most of their lives.

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