Diamond Dart Workshop

Diamond Dart Positions
The Diamond-Dart Meridian Sequence (DDMS) is a system of movements and affirmations developed by John Diamond M.D. Its main purpose is to raise Life Energy (Chi) through tonifying each of the acupuncture meridians (energy pathways through the body). It is comprised of twelve physical postures integrated into a dance-like sequence that can be used as an active meditation. Over time the DDMS will improve coordination, breathing, flexibility and brain functioning.

The sequence was developed by holistic medical pioneer John Diamond, M.D. From his wide interests and extensive research Diamond discovered correlations between the acupuncture meridian system and the emotions which he wrote about in his bestselling book Life Energy: Using the Meridians to Unlock the Power of your Emotions (1985). Over the years he has discovered over 200 points on the meridians that relate to different emotional attributes, both positive and negative. The whole system is called the Acupuncture Emotional System.

Each of the individual postures in the Diamond-Dart Meridian Sequence are taken from the work of Professor Raymond Dart, (1893-1988) a world famous anthropologist and medical doctor. He devised them to help his son overcome motor co-ordination problems and spacitisities that were caused by a premature birth.

Using twelve of Dart’s original procedures, Diamond found that each related to an acupuncture meridian, and placed them in a sequence that correlated to the developmental stages of the child from birth to upright posture. Although each posture is beneficial when performed separately, it is by moving through the complete sequence that the greatest benefits accrue. The efficacy of this sequence is further enhanced by saying the particular affirmation for each meridian that Dr. Diamond devised, resulting in a powerful healing modality that can be performed in as little as five minutes a day.