Alexander Lessons

The Alexander Technique is a psycho-physical, re-educational method with a proven 100 year track record. It teaches us how to make decisions about thinking and moving that lead to health and well being. Judith currently teaches lessons in Pine Plains & Verbank, NY.

First lessons are one hour ($95)
Subsequent lessons are 45 minutes ($75)

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The Alexander Technique has helped me to organize my aches, pains, and performance anxiety in a way no other teaching has. It’s given me a level of control over how my body feels and how I interact with world. Judith has helped me a long way to be secure in this newfound freedom.
– A.V. Classical Singer

I started taking Alexander Technique lessons with Judith after I was told at a conducting seminar that I needed to gain more awareness of my body.  Well, I’ve gotten that and so much more!  Judith has helped me learn more about how my body works and to apply it to conducting, playing the piano, and anything else that I need to do on a regular basis. Judith really understands the relationship between the mind and body, more than anyone else that I’ve met, and is able to help me improve the way I deal with both physical and mental stress.
– H.S. Choral Conductor


Alexander Technique has been central to my recent progress as a rider. My movement has become more balanced, and requires far less effort—I am now more quiet and secure in the saddle. Having ridden with many different trainers, the Technique has become an invaluable tool for evaluating the usefulness of past recommendations; I have now been able to rely on a more simple, efficient approach to riding.
– O.B. Equestrian

Pain sufferers

I am a 76-year-old retired nurse using the Alexander Technique to help manage my pain. Five years ago I had back surgery that involved the fusing of all the vertebrae in my lower back, L1 through, 5, and the insertion of a metal rod to help the disintegrating vertebrae hold together. As a result I became bedridden, taking pain pills and cortesone shots with improvement. After taking regular Alexander Technique sessions for two and a half years, I have been able to reduce my pain medication from 4 a day to zero. I am now able to engage in the activities of the church and church school that I have belonged to for over 70 years, which is one of the most important things in my life.
– J.W. Retired Nurse