Alexander Technique Lessons

Alexander Technique Lessons clear up the confusion about how you should hold yourself. Whatever your age or ability, with practice you’ll learn that you don’t need to actively hold yourself up and this will happen naturally if you change the habits that bother you.

Through Alexander Technique Lessons, you’ll learn skills that you can use anytime, anywhere, without having to stop and do exercises. All it takes is a nanosecond to switch off the patterns of tension and activate our postural mechanisms by directing.

By learning the Alexander Technique, students learn to recognize and switch off negative patterns, pulling down (slouching) which also will relieve excessive muscle tension.

Excessive tension in some areas and slouching down in others is often the source of pain and other difficulties.

Reducing or eliminating these harmful patterns will allow the postural muscles to function so we are naturally held up. This will also improve the quality of movement, posture, and breathing in all activities.

As a result, the state will be neither too tense nor too relaxed. Instead, it is balanced, relaxing, energetic, and free of strain.

But what takes place during an Alexander lesson begins with increasing our awareness. An individual cannot learn or solve a problem unless they are mindfully “thinking in activity”. The key for the individual is to learn to “stop, think, and act”.