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Alexander Technique for Stress Management

When things get tough you need confidence and reassurance that you can cope. Through lessons in the Alexander Technique, you learn reliable and long-term ways to prioritize self-care even in the midst of personal, professional, or global upheavals.

As you learn to calm your nervous system through applying Alexander’s principles to yourself in your daily life, your thoughts and activities will become more balanced and integrated – a kind of ‘embodied mindfulness’. You begin to develop a deep trust in who you are, with increased resilience and a calmer frame of mind.

If you’ve struggled to cope with the effects of a pandemic or its aftermath, you’re not alone. Learning the Alexander Technique is one way to find the right support you need.

You may have come up the strategies that help you stay calm. But if that doesn’t work or you need other help, the Alexander Technique can help. It’s not just about posture. You can also use it to:

  • Manage your emotional responses
  • Develop new ways of reacting to stress and anxiety
  • Find balance, calm and greater personal stability
  • Feel more confident about coping with difficult people or situations
  • Become more resilient in the face of the unknown

Basically, the Alexander Technique empowers you to self-manage your conditions without the side effects of drugs or the physical cost of surgery.