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Improve your posture to improve breathing with the Alexander Technique

You know millions of people today really want to improve the way they look, and as a result spend a lot of money on their clothes, cosmetics and at salons. Yet, most people would agree that one of the most attractive qualities of a person is the way they sit, stand and move – or in other words, their posture.

However, Alexander Technique can help you to achieve good posture as you learn new ways of sitting, standing, breathing, and moving that reduce stress on your body and in turn, will allow you to perform all your daily activities with greater ease and efficiency.

How Alexander Technique lessons can help you breathe

The Alexander Technique exists to help people identify their own harmful postural patterns, and especially patterns that hinder free and easy breathing.

Alexander technique lessons provide students a supportive environment where they can explore what works and what doesn’t work — and why. As they regain a healthy, upright posture they can not only improve their breathing but also become increasingly free to choose their own responses.  More and more often, those responses are conscious, well-informed choices instead of subconscious habits. And their choices revolve around improving their posture to improve their breathing and improve their quality of life.

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