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Alexander Technique

­Lessons in the Alexander Technique teach us how to stop and notice what we are doing to ourselves in response to a stimulus. This could be a thought, a sensation, or an emotion, often they are all connected. When we learn how to stop and notice, choices open up to us on how to respond. Over time applying this skill allows us to live a life of increased peace and ease. We are less at the mercy of richochetingaround like a ball in a pinball machine, from one thing to another.

F.M. Alexander refined his own awareness of his reaction to a stimulus, i.e. that of recitation, to such a degree that he noticed his neck stiffening. This in turn caused a cascade of tensions and compression. Stiffening his neck, pulled his head back and down, and compressed his spine. This was the original cause of him losing his voice onstage during dramatic recitations, and solving this problem led to the development of the work that we now know as the Alexander Technique. This was over one hundred years ago and lessons in the Alexander Technique are continuing to teach people how to take charge of their lives.

But what takes place during an Alexander lesson begins with increasing our awareness. An individual cannot learn to solve a problem unless they first learn how to  “stop, think, and then act”.