My study of Alexander Technique has been central to my recent progress as a rider. Through the study, my movement has become more balanced, and now requires far less effort—I am now more quiet and secure in the saddle. Having ridden with many different trainers, the Technique has become an invaluable tool for evaluating the usefulness of past recommendations; I have now been able to rely on a more simple, efficient approach to riding.
— O.B., Equestrian

The Alexander Technique has helped me to organize my aches, pains, and performance anxiety in a way no other teaching has. It's given me a level of control over how my body feels and how I interact with world. Judith has helped me along way to be secure in this newfound freedom.
— A.V., Classical Singer

Judith Muir is one of the few truly honest and kind people in the world. My experience in her Alexander Technique class taught me a self awareness about my body in space that I did not know I could possess. Her dedication and caring about her profession goes beyond the bounds of what is required of her, and she will not hesitate to personalize every moment until you understand that this class belongs to you.
— K.M.S., Actress