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Judith Muir M.M. M.AmSAT., is a senior Alexander Technique teacher with thirty years of international experience. Originally from the UK where she trained with Walter Carrington, one of the most influential Alexander Technique teachers in the world, she moved to the USA and became a founding member of the American Society of Alexander Teachers (AmSAT), as well as Vice-Chair of the American Center for the Alexander Technique, New York.

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Article originally posted 5/27/16 on Sometimes Barbara Schutzman exercises while standing. Other times she does her workout from a chair, like during Mary Beth Perfas’ Sit & Stay Fit class at Northern Dutchess Hospital Women’s View Center at the Healthy Annex in Rhinebeck. “The fact that she’s able to […]
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My study of Alexander Technique has been central to my recent progress as a rider. Through the study, my movement has become more balanced, and now requires far less effort—I am now more quiet and secure in the saddle. Having ridden with many different trainers, the Technique has become an invaluable tool for evaluating the usefulness of past recommendations; I have now been able to rely on a more simple, efficient approach to riding.
— O.B., Equestrian
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